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How can I speak with Comcast service center in Howell Mi on the phone?

good FING LUCK!!

Can I drop off cable box stuff at the Eastwood town center. For comcast


My box keeps turning on and off, I suspect it is either the power supply or the unit itself. Can I just drop by your office on Clippert swap them?

In and out...

My internet has disconnected every day for last two weeks, the phone and TV work fine ... I have to unplug everything EVERY day to reboot it ... do I need a new modem? Can I just stop at "store" to get one?

It shouldn't do that.. I would go to the store and get a new modem..

Can u return cable equipment at this location,

Yes. They are very quick at this location.

installing my own router. comcast compatable. where do i return your router?

Take it to your nearest Comcast/Xfinity store.

How do u link new remote to cable box?

Check comcast web Q+A

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